Money Puzzle





Introduction: Money Puzzle

Step 1: The Sides

Get the side of of your dollar and fold to the side

Step 2: I

Next unfold the corner and fold the other corner to the side

Step 3: Repeat

Do the same thing on the other end of the bill

Step 4: Triangle

Now this part will be a lot easier if you made the creases wright what you do is make a triangle the way you do it is push in the sides to make it

Step 5: Repeat

Do the same on the other side of the bill

Step 6:

Fold the sides to the center and grab the top part and fold down do this to both sides

Step 7: Fold Back

Fold the edges to the back

Step 8:

Grab the piece of the sides and fold them to the front

Step 9:

This is the hardest step but you need to grab the other side and put it in the space on the other side

Step 10: Finished

Now to take it out grab the corners that are on top and squeeze then the top should start to pop out a little then you grab that end and pull then you should be able to take it apart from there the fun thing to do is challenge your friends to take if apart in 30 seconds without ripping it and you should only now how then do the steps over to remake it



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Kevin_kenway were you able to solve it

my dad made one he told me if i could unfold them i can keep it and it was a 20 dollar bill

this is an AWESOME instructable thanks for sharing it with us!!!!!

Harder with euro's, but very nice Instructable!

Play it as a game if someone can solve in 30 seconds without ripping it they can keep it


Nice money puzzle. However the only money puzzle I would like to solve is: How can I keep it? I haven't solved that one yet.