Monitoring Temperature and Humidity Using Cayenne




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Introduction: Monitoring Temperature and Humidity Using Cayenne

In this project we will create temperature and humidity monitor using cayenne.

We can monitor anywhere in this world using internet..

Why cayenne?

Cayenne is easy to use for beginner, and powerful to expert.

Step 1: Hardware and Software

In this step we need hardware and software below :


DHT22 Module

USB FTDI (to program ESP)

Arduino IDE and cayenne

Step 2: Circuit Diagram

The picture tell us how to make connection on the circuit

Step 3: Program ESP12E

You need to program your ESP-12E to connect to your wifi access point

change the value of ssid, pwd, and cayenne token to yours.


Step 4: Setup Cayenne Dashboard

The next is, set up your cayenne dashboard like on the pictures attached.

You're almost done and can monitoring temperature and humidity from anywhere!!!



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    Are GPIO's will be the same if I would use 3 x esp8266 in one cayenne? One DHT for one ESP?

    Is it necessarh to change something to have 3 the same modules connected to wifi and cayenne? GPIO's will be the same?

    - Add new

    - Device/Widget

    - Sensors

    - Generic

    - Analog input

    And did'nt use subroutine in the IDE..

    Cayenne seems like a really versatile tool. I am going to have to try it out.