Eeeek chilled monkey brains anyone.

Well if the brains are jello and they are served with a slice of chocolate cake maybe you won't pass up this treat made famous in the movies but made slightly more appetizing in this instructable.

This would make an awesome Halloween dessert and would be an especially gruesome table centerpiece.

The preparation of this cake is best spread over 3 days:

Day 1 bake the cake and make the ganache
Day 2 remaining steps 1 through 7
Day 3 just prior to serving step 8

The whole cake does take a bit of work but if you like you can omit some steps which will not only save time, but will also reduce the equipment and ingredients required making the cake a little bit more economical.

If you like you can omit the hand painting and just add some extra black fondant in the nostrils. Also the addition of the Persian fairy floss in step 8 is completely optional.

Or you can just just skip straight to step 7 and make up some brains to serve with raspberry sauce for an easy yet scrumptiously scary treat.

Monkey Brain Cake ingredients and equipment

2 chocolate cakes (mine were chocolate mud and 20cm X 8 cm or 8" X 3.25")
Cake board (approx 8") *
Ganache (chocolate and cream)
Ready rolled fondant white or Pettince 20 oz or 600 grams **
Black ready rolled fondant or Pettince 50g or 1 3/4oz (or color you own from the white using black gel food color)**
Black, white and ivory gel food color *
Tylose powder *
small brush
edible glaze, black dusting powder and large brush *
Large rolling pin
small sharp knife
small fondant rolling pin
cake decorating flower/leaf tool *
Cake smoothers (kinda optional) *
Brain mold ***
2 packs jelly - jello crystals (I used raspberry and grape)
evaporated low fat milk (carnation non fat)
Powdered gelatine
oil spray
Raspberry sauce (or strawberry)
Optional White persian fairy floss and scissors ****

*Ready Roll fondant, gel food color, cake decorating tools, tylose powder and dusting powder available from cake specialty stores, Hobby and craft stores (eg Michaels (US), Spotlight (Australia)) or Ebay.
**Fondant dries out really quickly - keep it in an airtight container or ziplock bag in between use and work fast.
*** I picked up my Jelly Mold on Ebay
****Persian fairy floss available from good deli's or specialty food purveyors

Step 1: Stack the Cake

To make ganache heat 400g cream until boiling and add to 800g finely chopped milk chocolate. Allow to rest for a couple of minutes and then whisk until smooth. Allow the ganache to set at room temperature overnight.

Cut off the tops off each cake to make them even and then cut each cake in half so you have 4 even cakes.

Place one cake slice on top of a cake board and then add a good dollop of ganache and spread it around evenly. ^

Place another layer of cake on top, then more ganache, then another layer of cake.

Repeat until you have four layers of cake with a layer of ganache between each layer.

Cover with a layer of plastic wrap, place in fridge and chill until firm.

^ I placed a piece of parchment paper between the cake and the cake board so I could slip the carved cake directly onto the cake stand prior to step 4. This was purely for my presentation. Do not do this if you are serving directly from the cake board as the parchment paper makes the cake slide around.
<p>Fantastic! Is eyeball soup next? :)</p>
What did you do to harambe
<p>do you think the volume of a coffee cup would work for individual serving sizes if multiples were being made for an adventure themed dinner party? slightly larger than cupcakes but smaller than a 4-6 inch pan?</p>
Impressive! Thanks for your sharing!
Rosanne pansino made this exact cake on nerdy nummies (her show on YouTube) so I don't really know if this is her creation or yours ._.
Hi yes she did, she referenced my blog as the original source in her YouTube video (I am Bubble and Sweet) and popped a link back to me in the notes. She always pops a reference to where she gets the idea from. I think she did a great job recreating it :) Hopefully that clears it up. Cheers Linda V
This cake and a couple others of yours have been qualified to make it into one of our upcoming books. Please check your messages for the follow up information. <br /> <br />Thanks, <br /> <br />Mikey <br />Community Management
this is a pretty cool cake, good luck in the contest.
Thank you
CONGRATS!!!!!!! WELL DONE!!!! <br> <br>
Thanks and congrats to you :)
GOOD LUCK!!! it was your cake that made us want to post our cake and our very first instructable! so to the victor go the spoils... but again... AWESOME CAKE and GOOD LUCK!!! I think you might have the upper hand on us. Nice job. <br> <br>oh and i agree with you... the chocolate cake is a better idea than the red velvet because it makes the other colors pop out more. NICELY DONE!!!
I have a new hero!! Sorry, heroin. :-) <br> <br>AWESOME CAKE!!! :-)
Uh, that would be heroinE ? Heroin is a drug? :-)
Sorry! Heroine! :-)<br><br>Thanks!
I thought it was totally 'cause you were addicted to my cakes ;)
I got those two words mixed up before it&acirc;€™s a simple mistake.
Thanks :)
Oh goodness, wow!
Thanks :) <br>
I'm thinking Red Velvet Cake would be awesome for this. Wonder if you could add pretzels or almonds for some bones? Great jobs, got my vote!
Yes the red cake would be great. Although the contrast of the red 'blood' running down was a great touch and wouldn't have shown up as well on red. Nice idea with the bones :)
i would use red velvet for a more realistic look
Yes the red would be totally awesome, some red velvet cakes are more difficult to carve so I stuck with the mud :)
Congratulations on being a finalist in the Halloween contest!!! Can&rsquo;t wait to see if you win! Good luck!
Oh yay - thanks :) I actually just logged on to check out and see who the finalists were and I'm happy to be included with this mostly gruesome bunch.
Haha I thought the same thing
Your son's screaming photo captures the same incredible dellight I had when I saw it. Also, great use of that jello mold. Thanks for sharing the process :-)
Thanks so much. Yes my son loved the cake.
I love it looks pretty tasty too, :)
Yes it was yummy as well as gross, such a fabulous combination for Halloween.
this is bad-ass! well done!
Thanks so much :)
<strong><u>WOW</u> !!!! Just when I thought I'd seen it all comes this UNREAL work of Tasty Twisted Art!<br> &nbsp; &nbsp;My dear this MONKEY BRAIN CAKE is so unique and &quot;gore&quot;riginal &nbsp;that you have inspired me to actually attempted to make one! &nbsp;If all goes well I will be bringing it to Rob Zombies private Halloween get together later in Oct. out in Los Angeles! And I'll be sure to give you FULL credit on this Masterpiece of Monkey&nbsp;Macabre! Creep up the good work!</strong>
Sounds like a lot of fun, best of luck with recreating the cake. I hope it looks totally awesome for you :)
Awesum creation...Superb likes for this!!
Thanks so much
Wow! just like the Indiana and the Temple of Doom feast scene where they serve chilled monkey brains...... My mom made these, SO GOOD! <br>
Well you have a super cool mum as well :) I made this for my son's 4th birthday.....all he wanted was monkey brain cake.
That is the COOLEST cake !!!
Thanks I tried my best - it was my sons 4th birthday cake and he thought it was awesome :) <br>
I think jello is more appropriate (jiggly and slimy). Super awesome! Have you thought about pulled sugar (cotton candy) for the hair?
Hi Henge, the Persian Fairy floss from the last step is a type of cotton candy. However I do find that it perishes quite quickly. I live in a pretty humid area. <br> <br>Yes the jiggly slimy jello was awesome. Plus we had some gluten intolerant guests and I just made extra brains with raspberry sauce for them as they could not eat cake. <br> <br>Thanks for your lovely comments.
You have my vote. That cake is just Amazing!!! Excellent work :)
Thanks so much
Awesome cake, you are an artist!

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