Rock Star Boys Bedroom Decor





Introduction: Rock Star Boys Bedroom Decor

Monkey themed ROCK STAR garland

Step 1:

Hi there!

Here is fun,beautiful Boys bed room decor helps you add some color and whimsy to your home decorations.

Step 2: Project Supplies

High Quality acid ,ligin free card stocks of yellow and gray shades,

foam adhesive

craft knife

paper punch to make holes to knot each craft pieces

cutting mat

small paper flower punch here i used EK punch


Step 3: How-To

First draw the shapes of monkey ,star and guitars on various shades of cardstocks.Cut one sheet of paper along a continuous line out the images .Experiment with different colors of paper according to the banner.

Step 4: HOW-TO

After you will get all the craft pieces. then use other craft pieces like eyes and mouth for the monkeys and paper flowers for the guitar are stick with craft glue here i used tacky glue. On each star the guitars are mounted with foam adhesives and the letters ( ROCKSTAR) draw on guitars and the letters are mounted with small paper chips with matching color cardstocks to look beautiful.

Hope you like this garland

Thanks for watching



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    Nicely done, this is a great idea!