This guide includes:
  • Quick-Start guide to the Video Pro (steps 1 - 3)
  • Hardware reference (steps 4-6)
  • Image downloading (steps 7+)
To start this guide you should have a bike wheel with a fully assembled Video Pro in it.  If not, check our Video Pro Mounting Instructions first.

The default Video Pro graphics sample in action:

Step 1: Attach wheel and turn on Video Pro

  • Attach the wheel with the mounted Video Pro to a bicycle
  • Locate the A stick which has the 7 control buttons (see photo below)
  • Press and hold the RESET button for 2 seconds
  • Press the POWER button:
    • If you see 4 green dots: a playlist is loaded and ready to start playing.  Continue to the next step
    • If no lights turn on: the battery is dead.  Charge the battery before continuing.
    • If you see a rainbow pattern: No playlist is loaded.  Download a playlist before continuing.

where does one get one, and how much do they cost? they dont show up on the webstore, or on amazon.

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