Picture of Monkey's Fist Keychain

Do you like making things out of rope? Or paracord? Or something like that? Do you like to boast about yourself? Then prove yourself worthy for that self praise and make your own Monkey's Fist Keychain! Carry it around with you everywhere and show it to people and proudly tell them, "You know what? I made this myself."

Step 1: Materials Required

Picture of Materials Required
The stuff you're going to need are:
       1) Around 3 feet and 7" of paracord or any other cord ( rope can also be used)
       2) 1 bead
       3) A keyring
Donnyroger00110 months ago
What kind of rope did u use? I use paracord, and macrame cord.
WareShoals3 years ago
Hey NK, Thanks for the 'structable. I always wanted to know how to make a monkey's fist. ws
gerbilboy3 years ago
For a floating version, you could use a cork or (if the monkey's fist is big enough) a ping-pong ball.
bass014 years ago
kid007la4 years ago
i just did this with paracord and it came out perfect...great instructable
this instructible is pretty knotty....
Jake225 years ago
Looks great!  You should make one out of paracord so you can enter the contest.
nk97 (author)  Jake225 years ago
Hey dude! Thanks a lot for the comment. This is my first instructable and yours is my first comment. And where I live, paracord is not available. And my dad is against buying from the net. And the contest accepted my instructable. So I'm in!!!!!!!