Step 2: Mark It Up

Using your permanent marker, mark three dots where your initials will be. Remember that the middle initial is larger than the other two, as the dots will serve as your placement guide.
Just wondering... why would you want to monogram an inexpensive piece of metal that no one will ever see, ever, except for the person that owns it?
DM, you make an excellent point - one that I considered before I decided to go ahead and make this project. Here's why I figured it was still a good idea: <ul> <li> It's a personal, thoughtful gift that the recipient has never received before, almost guaranteed. <li> Even though it's an inexpensive piece of metal, it's still much higher quality than the thin, transparent plastic stays that come with dress shirts. <li> Maybe nobody will see it, but it's the thought that counts. The recipient will know that you put time and sentiment into the project, and that means a lot. They'll think of you every time they use the collar stays. :D </ul>

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