Step 8: Coasters: Construction

The coasters construction is straight forward.
  1. Lay the property cards on disposable paper, face up.
  2. Paint several layers of decoupage glue over the cards.  Allow each layer to dry before applying the next.
  3. Arrange the cards on the rolled out cork board, estimating the amount of cork backings.  Plan a ~1/8" border on each card and allow further ~1/2" spacing between each card.
  4. Remove the cards and spread flexible epoxy over the required cork. Use a spatula to spread evenly.
  5. Press the felt onto the cork by hand.  Pile heavy books on the composite for several hours.
    • NOTE: many flexible epoxies cure by evaporation, the books will slow this down.
    • WARNING: follow the safety instructions of the epoxy to avoid dangerous vapors.
  6. Cut approximate backing for each card. 
  7. Adhere the cards to the cork with wood glue, press with heavy books while drying.
  8. Trim the borders of your coasters cleanly.
  9. Spray the coaster-tops with several layers of acrylic varnish, creating a non-tacky surface.
<p>I happily skip away from your awesome project with 2 ideas that will help me out for a long time to come. 1 ~ the tape on the pliers, 2 ~ the tape/eyelet setting method. Thank you for including these steps. Brilliant. Simple. Beautiful. Thank you!</p>
Cheers and cha-cha!
I am about to order some extra deeds right now to do the coasters! (I have some, but I like to play Monopoly with them :)
lol the little one wont be happy about it X3 she loved monpoly (weird kid)
Fantastic! I bought a bunch of pieces last year to do this same project but couldn't see where to start....<br><br>Great job!<br>
Cool! Love to see yours when finished.
Your board items look a lot better quality than the game producers make now, certainly in England. The last monopoly board I saw was made from cheap card and everything was plastic. <br> <br>Yours looks pratically antique compared to the current offerings! <br> <br>Good 'ible.
I think they sell different sets, the cheaper they are the more plastic they become. The more expensive they are they end up being gold plated pieces with real money. Some where in between a similar set to this exist.
Makes me wonder if there is a niche for 3D printing higher quality game pieces?
Thanks tim_n.<br><br>Plastic game pieces would be a real bummer, guess I'd keep the old and make charms out of the new in that case...
Clever idea, they look great!

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