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Hello everyone this is my first instructable representing monostable with autotriggering.

Step 1: Things Required :

. 2*ic555.
. 3*led's ( any colour).
. 2*100k, 2(200, 1*10k resistors.
. 2*0.1uf, 2*100uf capacitors.
. 9v Battery.
. few connecting wires.
. bread board.

Step 2: Connections:

Picture of Connections:

pin outs of Ic555 is shown above.
connect things as shown in the above circuit diagram.
Monostable mode also called as one shot pulse generator in which a -ve pulse is given as trigger to activate the circuit.
producing these -ve pulse become a big problem for me, finally got the solution by using Ic555.
The need of using extra Ic555 is to trigger the monostable circuit, the triggering circuit works in astable mode in order to generate negative pulse.
I have takes 100uf capacitor for longer delay if you need lesser day you can change the value of R6 or C3.
Here is the formula to calculate delay time : 1.11*R*C.

Step 3: Working:

Picture of Working:

if your connections are correct then the led's in Ic1 and Ic2 will blink one after with an delay of 11sec.
The working is simple when the led2 goes high, it sends an -ve pulse to the trigger pin which activates the circuit for an particular time interval based on the value of R & C and again it waits for next -ve pulse.
Hope you get an clear idea about monostable multivibrator.
applications on Monostable multivibrator will be added soon...
Thanks for viewing.......


harshi bhat (author)2016-08-27

Good instructable.. awaiting next one

seamster (author)2016-08-24

Nice, thanks for sharing your first instructable. Welcome! :)

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