Blinky, the creature I made in my first instructable, blinked his eyes and told me he was lonely. He also reminded me of my promise to make him a friend one day, and he told me about the Instructables Monster Contest. "Now would be a convenient time..." he said softly.

"So all right, all right then! I will make you a friend!" I said. Easily said, but where to go for advice? Who to consult about the hardware to equip a monster so, that it will bond with a creature like Blinky? Well, that's easy! I consulted the absolutely brilliant Forrest M. Mims III of course! From his "Engineer's Mini-Notebook, 555 timer IC circuits", I chose two circuits that hopefully and possibly can match with Blinky's five component brain: A dark detector and a touch-sensitive switch.

Thus came to life Monster 555. Short, but not small. Severe, but righteous. And indeed a frightening monster, even among monsters.

To get to know Monster 555 really well, just looking is not enough. You also have to listen to him. He speaks a very peculiar language. See and hear the video to get to know Monster 555...

Having trouble viewing the video? Here's a link to YouTube...

I made Monster 555 from scratch, with only a vague idea to start with, in two or three days working on and off. Now that there's a blueprint (this Instructable, that is), I guess building another Monster 555 would use up about 5.55 hours of your time...

Please don't feel obliged to take this "blueprint" literally. Make your Monster the way you like, and use my Monster 555 just as a headstart.

Most pictures are commented. Hopefully, the comments make the body-text in the steps superfluous.

Known Bugs in Monster 555's blueprint:
  • The battery drains pretty fast (in four days! I forgot to take off the battery clip at night...). My circuit doesn't contain a switch, but it actually needs one, I guess. What would be super cool is a solar-powered Monster 555: A rechargeable 9 Volt battery, and solar cells mounted on the wings, charging the battery...
  • The leds turn off immediately after the wires are released. The leds are supposed to stay on for a couple of seconds after releasing the leads, however! This worked fine on the breadboard, and has also worked on the PCB, before I soldered the components for the dark-detector. I think there's a short in the circuit somewhere, but I can't find it... Or maybe I ruined the elco? I don't know, really.
Mrballeng4 years ago
Have you reveived your paper toy monter book yet?
ynze (author)  Mrballeng4 years ago
Not yet, I believe (my niece gets the prize, she lives in the US. I don't :)). The Instructables Prize Pack came last week or so.
allarrrd4 years ago
That's a great Thereminster! I'm sure it made Blinky very happy.
This is great. I should try to make one. One question, where did you get the electronics?
ynze (author)  Kaptain Kool4 years ago
Electronic components are all very common. I bought them at Conrad.com, but if you're from the US, that is not an option for you. My guess is that Radio Shack has it all. You can also try Velleman USA...
happyjo4 years ago
Great job! I would never be able to do anything like this! I voted!
ynze (author)  happyjo4 years ago
Thank you! And yes, you can make something like this, really. Start making Blinky, no soldering required and lots of fun. Ask me for help if you get lost.

Dave A4 years ago
Thats's one fine companion for Blinky!
ynze (author)  Dave A4 years ago
:-) Thanks!