Step 3: Body and Legs

Picture of Body and Legs
Making Monster 555's body and legs is pretty straightforward. The body is actually only a "backbone" of 6 connector-studs. In the pictures, I mounted three coin cells in between the studs. Please ignore these, I had to replace the coin cells eventually with an ordinary 9 Volt battery :-s.

The neck (multi purpose)
The solid kernel wires that make Monster 555's neck serve two purposes: They support the head, and provide electricity to the circuit on the head. So one neck-lead will be connected to the plus-side of the battery, the other neck-lead will be conected to the minus-side. Make sure that the neck-leads are mounted into different connector-studs, to avoid a short.
Don't cut the neckwires too short. Now is the time to define the looks of your Monster 555. Once you decided on the height of the head, bend the neck-wires in a straight angle.

The legs
To make the legs sturdy, I twisted two solid kernel electrical wires together. Here's a great Instructable on how to do that easily. Mount the legs into the lowest pair of connector studs. Long legs? Short legs? Four legs? Three? A tail too? It's up to you.

Support for the wings
To support the wings (in the next step), mount an extra pair of connectors on Monster 555's back. I used a small tie-rap to do that.