Monster Bit.





Introduction: Monster Bit.

This monster has been living in my back yard for a while now...
It's a drilling bit (for oilwell drilling) with a plastic cup inserted in its head. Its hair was planted last spring (see last picture).
Look here for its origin.

(just entering for fun, not for the prizes...)



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OK, so you have an oil-drilling bit in your yard because...?

The real question is where can I get one?

. Almost common at junk stores in my area (S Arkansas, US). Should be the same in any area that has oil/gas wells. You may be able to buy worn-out ones from drilling companies for next to nothing..

You're right but they often get recycled. A small fee to the toolpusher is not very uncommon (see my coment jan25, 2011, 10:53PM).

. Food makes a good bribe for just about any roughneck. Sounds to me like the best bet may be to hit McDonald's and then a nearby rig. ;)

Except that all my "nearby rigs" are out in the North Sea...

Agreed, oh actually I may go scavenging soon...

They're popular here in Norway too. People put them on their staircase as an ornamental piece and oil related industry corporations use the as ornamental pieces outside their entrance.