Picture of Monster Business Card Holder
Follow the steps to make this neat monster business card holder!! You will need a basic understanding of sewing. You don't need a sewing machine but it will make it a lot quicker and neater. Have a read through all the steps before you begin so you know what to expect next.

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Step 1: You will need...

Picture of You will need...
a) Outer fabric. I used faux fur but fleece or velvet would work well
b) Lining. I used a thin metallic fabric cut from an old top. Any thin non-stertchy fabric will work.
c) Safety eyes. I used 9mm
d) 3-4cm piece of velcro
e) Pocket fabric. I used pink mesh netting, any thin non-fraying fabric will work.
f) Felt scraps, for the face features.


g) Tape measure or ruler
h) Business card
i) Optional: bendy thin plastic, a butter tub lid or wax carton works well. This is to make the business card holder stiffer, you don't need to use it.
j) Needle and Thread
k) Marker pen
l) Biro
m) Pointy fabric scissors
n) Paper scissors

Step 2: Make your templates

Picture of Make your templates
1) Start by drawing round your business card onto a piece of paper, leaving a 5mm margin around the edge. Do this twice, leaving a 5mm margin around each one - this will leave a 1cm space between them.

2) This is what your template should look like so far.

3) Draw a 4 x 4cm square on the edge, this is where your velcro tab will go.

4) Cut this template out using paper scissors

5) Cut another square the same width as your main template, but 2cm narrower than your business card. This  will be the pocket that your business card sit in. The dashed line indicates the middle fold in the holder.

jamesbunnjr2 years ago
Love the Blooper melty bead necklace. I made the same one for a Christmas ornament.
pixieliz4 years ago
I made this last christmas for my geeky brother and he loved it!! It looked just like the demo version so the instructions worked v.well. I'm now on here looking for instructables for making him a funky i-phone case. Let me know if you have any ideas people!
Unrelated, but, Your necklace...YOUR NECKLACE... I love it so much ;__;
Oh my god me too D: It looks like Perler beads, methinks I'll print that picture out and make my own.... (:
eisyaJ5 years ago
Even though I really like the card holder, I have to say I'm more excited about attempting to make your necklace!
firefliie5 years ago
hey this could work as a wallet too with a money holder!
meaning like if you add a money holder
Mehehehful5 years ago
I love your hair.. So much win. great ible as well.
Thanks for the clear instructions, I made one and it was so much fun.
 I like that shirt of your's :D
Goodhart5 years ago
This is such a neat idea, and thank you for presenting it in such a clear fashion.
bitterbug5 years ago
I've tried making a couple so far, but each time the cute blue-haired girls manage to escape. I think I need to substitute ingredients. Grandmothers are probably slower and less likely to get away, but their hands shake and that makes the card hard to read.


coolacid5 years ago
NEAT! I want to do it, but i have no idea of how to sew. :( Can I buy you one? xD
micuentapsp5 years ago
u look hot
R4Man185 years ago
Incredible. 5 stars
comodore5 years ago
Your Project is great! Original and looks so awsome!
This is living proof that you can make something that is cute, looks great and has a function!
Hope we see more of your Instructables! :)

ac1D5 years ago
The instructables is clean, neat, and really good.
Picture are clear and
The final result is cute,
So does the girl holding it ^^ (ahah don't slap me  :p)
Incrxtc5 years ago
Indeed a very original/quirky ible for a business card holder. I know monsters are supposed to be scary, but this one is cute.
alittlestranger (author)  Incrxtc5 years ago
Tthanks, ill tell him you think so! :D
Jayefuu5 years ago
Congrats on getting featured. I knew when I saw this that someone would feature it. Good ible, loads of clear pics.