Monster Can Lid Speaker




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Introduction: Monster Can Lid Speaker

Step 1:

First u want to get an old pair of earbuds you don't use.

Step 2:

Next get an old speaker .remember it has to be small enough to fit inside the monster lid.

Step 3:

Now strip the earbud wire with a knife, razor blade or, wire snips. Then sand of a a centimeter off the end of the colored wire and solder it to the speaker. Next u can put electrical tape over the wires or a shrink boot with a lighter.

Step 4:

Find a speaker grill and cut it the size of the speaker and drill out the top of the cap and put in the speaker grill u can hot glue it into the can lid

Step 5:

Hot glue the speaker inside congrats!!!! u now have a monster can lid speaker!!!!



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    Yeah obviously it has tinny sound but it depends on what kind of speaker u want to use

    Does it sound tinny?
    (sorry, bad joke!)
    Nice work!