Picture of Monster Energy Can Costume
We are The GLCPS Costume Design Club, for our first project we decided to make a Monster Energy can costume.  We used only materials we already had on hand so this project  didn't cost us anything to make and it was the perfect way to give new life to 2 old bed sheets.

We are in no way affiliated with Monster Energy Drink  (We just think the can is COOL looking)

Monster Energy Drink is a registered trade mark of  Monster Beverage Company
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Step 1: Gather your materials and tools

Picture of Gather your materials and tools

You will need:

2 Twin size bed sheets
1/2 yard of Green felt or other fabric
1/2 yard heavy interfacing
Black Spray paint
Gray or silver spray paint
White, Black, Light Green, and Dark Green Acrylic paints
Silver nail art pen or paint pen (optional)
Paint brushes
Measuring tape
Sewing machine


Step 2: Measure Your Model

Picture of Measure Your Model
Measure the person the costume is for, from the base of the neck down to the middle of their thigh.
Add 2 inches to this measurement

This measurement will be used to determine the length of the body of the can.
scoochmaroo4 years ago
Cool! I look forward to seeing more costumes from your group.
thank you