Want to make Monster Energy milkshakes?

Step 1: Gather Up the Ingrediants

*Monster Energy Drink
*Vanilla Icecream
*Whipcream (optional)

Step 2:

Put 4 scoops of ice cream per serving. In this case, i'm making it for two, so I will use 8 scoops.
Only use one monster for two people, if you are making it for 4+, use 2,3  etc..

Step 3: Blend

Blend the ice cream and Monster in medium-high until smooth.

Step 4: Once Blended Enjoy

Congratulations! You made a Monster Milkshake! Pour your drink, and sit back and relax :) 
<p>1 dl J&auml;&auml;tel&ouml;&auml; <br>33 cl energiajuomaa <br>4 cl Viski&auml; <br>1 dl Kermavaahtoa <br>Maku siirappia, valinnainen</p>
<p>Awesome. So cool. </p>
<p>Awesome. So cool. </p>

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