Bear with me as this is my 1'st instructable.

Having moved into a new front garage home with no lawn to speak of I endeavored to come up with a new decoration for Halloween. 

Sitting and watching cartoons (Monster House) with the nephews .....(Bulb)
Lets make the whole house a monster.

This is an Instructable for making monster teeth for the Garage Door
Sorry for the lack of pictures as I lost my the camera with all the action shots before posting.

Happy Haloween :)

Step 1: What You'll Need

 1 plastic or cloth taro that is approximately the size of your garage door.
   (mine was 12x16 for my 7x16 door)
 1 small container of paint thinner or other solvent
 2 cans plastic spray paint
 1 roll masking tape
Awesome! Well done!
We smiled when we saw this. Did you put anything in the window to be part of your 'Monster House' theme? I would think a big eyeball back lit somehow... hmmm.
Not this year it was a little rushed had thought about it though. Next years will probably be a little more detailed and less rushed and will include the cyclops eye.
I'll be interested in seeing it. <br>There is an instructable with a dino poking out the roof, maybe including something along those lines (obviously not a dino) as well? Maybe have a tentacle or something? *laugh*

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