Introduction: Monster High D.I.Y Canvas Shoes

Picture of Monster High D.I.Y Canvas Shoes

My Beautiful daughter wanted a monster high painted shoe to wear on her Birthday, So I decided to make one for her.

Seeing her reaction on how glad she was I decided to make a DIY to inspire others to make one 2.

So Lets Begin !


Picture of SUPPLIES:
  1. Red or any other color canvas shoes
  2. Design
  3. Gesso
  4. Acrylic paint
  5. Stationery
  6. Paint marker, Brush or paint pen
  7. Clear acrylic spray

Step 2: Print and Cut

Picture of Print and Cut

Print and Cut the silhouette of your design. Put your design or image on the shoe and put paint on the image silhouette so you transfer the silhouette onto the shoe. Remove the image and fill the space in with gesso to have a nice base for your paint to stick to. Do not use normal paint to fill in your image.This is an important step so don't skip!

Step 3: Make / Transfer the Sketch

Picture of Make / Transfer the Sketch

Using your pencil to sketch the image onto the shoe ( fill in the silhouette) if you cannot draw just use normal transfer paper to transfer the image.

Step 4: Paint

Paint the design and the shoe with acrylic paint

Step 5: Spray Clear Acrylic Spray

Picture of  Spray Clear Acrylic Spray

Additional: Paint marker, this one is if in any case you need to paint fine lines it's more easy to use a paint marker than a brush.

Thank you

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