Monsters in the Hood.

I wanted to make Monster Hoods for a while...it just took
a few days of freezing temperatures to motivate me!

Everyone designed their own hoods.
We all got in on the fun!

And, as usual, there's a ton of pictures!  Buckle up!

Step 1: Sketch Out Your Idea!

To begin,
I had each of my kids draw a sketch of what they wanted their monster to look like.

My husband said he wanted one too!  He sketched up his vision as well!
Could you use felt instead of fleece or not? Thanks for posting this awesome instructable i love it!!! :D
Hi, <br>Fleece is nice because it is warm and slightly stretchy...You could decorate the hood with felt though, but I would do the entire hood out of felt...too scratchy. <br>Thanks!<br>Nat :)
Not saying i don't like them all there all wonderful it's just your youngest has the cutest one
Ha ha! I just saw this comment! Yes, the youngest one was perfect! His creativity was simple and turned out so cute! I'll be honest and say that my husband wears his the most though! Win-win! Thank you!
No problem i do like ur Husban's i like Black
Marvelous work. And great colors, too!
Thank you! :)
Like your youngest sons one it's very cute
I have been so busy working on the quilt I have not had a chance to stop by to comment on your instructable! The kids did a great job drawing their own characters and everyone are super models! I know this entry will be a winner! You all rock! <br>Sunshiine
What lucky kids to have such a creative mom! These are so great, using the kids' sketches and making them &quot;come to life&quot;! You might want to offer this service on Etsy.
My thoughts exactly. :)
Thanks! :)
Thanks! That was my first time using a sketch and turning it into something, but it does make we want to do more! Thanks for the encouragement! :)
Nice project but could have put DOODLECRAFT 20 times larger, so it seems more like an ad as opposed to an instructable. <br> <br>but it is a nice idea. thanks for posting
Maybe I will! :) I label all my pictures, especially the ones with my family in them...can't be too careful these days. Thanks!
These are fantastic!! Want to adopt me and make me part of your monster-hood? :)
Yes, consider yourself adopted! :) Welcome to the hood...draw out your monster sketch so we can make you a hoodie too! :) ha ha ha!
SWEET!!! I'm in the hood! ;)
These are great! My nieces and nephews would love them. Oh, I hope I have time to get them done by Xmas. <br> <br>One caveat: snaps set into fleece don't tend to last. I recommend working out snap position before attaching lining, and including a piece of stabilizing fabric of some sort (I keep scraps of denim and similar fabrics about for this sort of use) that will lie between the layers and is stitched down well.
You are right about the snaps...my husband set them with a piece of leather wedged in between. I should have mentioned...<br>But there are snap systems that are made for lighter weight fabrics...like for homemade diapers, and I think those would work...?<br>Thank you!
Yes, that's true, if you're doing a lot of work with snaps and lightweight fabrics, like for diapering, those systems are worth it. <br> <br>I'm so excited to go fleece shopping!
what a cute idea...and good instructions! I already have most of the materials just need hoodies...thanks, I know what my grandsons are getting for christmas!
HA ha fun. These look great.
These are fab! I'm seeing the need to make one for my next scout camp... Mid January in the UK, this would keep me warm!
These are great! I like the horned hood the best. Your kids are sure to be the envy of all their friends.
Thanks! Um, if they had friends! :) ha ha ha!
Fantastic fun. As a slightly nutty old man, I would be more than happy to wear one of these in public. I am going to convince my daughter to make me one. lol. Very well put together instructable too!
That's how I feel too...these are not just for kids! I should make one for my dad for Christmas! :)
These are awesome and look great together!
Thanks! :) It's fun to see the kids and the hubby wearing them around without prompting! :) I rate that a success!

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