Step 13:

Fold rib knit strip right sides together in half matching the side that measures 4 1/2".
Sew with 1/2" seem.
These are delightful! How do you think it would be if you made a tongue with a buttonhole/snap/Velcro or some such affixed so they could be attached to a "mitten leash" at the sleeve? Or, maybe just a mitten collar to attach to the mitten sleeve? (I have lost two different gloves this year already, so this is on my mind.) :)
I love that they are like puppets too! Great job! :)
Cute mittens, how fun!
These are so cute! When I saw them I thought you need to make https://www.instructables.com/id/Monster-Hoods-Keep-warm-and-look-AWESOME-in-cold/ and wear it with the monster mittens. :) So cool well done!
they're awesome:)
Haha! So fun! Using Ric Rac for the teeth was a great idea :)
Thanks, I have a tun of it. Im always looking for ways to use it for boys.

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