Step 6:

Pin rickrack around the palm piece on the right side, 1/4" in from the edge to the center of the rickrack turning the last bit off the edge at the beginning and end.  Bast in place.
These are delightful! How do you think it would be if you made a tongue with a buttonhole/snap/Velcro or some such affixed so they could be attached to a "mitten leash" at the sleeve? Or, maybe just a mitten collar to attach to the mitten sleeve? (I have lost two different gloves this year already, so this is on my mind.) :)
I love that they are like puppets too! Great job! :)
Cute mittens, how fun!
These are so cute! When I saw them I thought you need to make http://www.instructables.com/id/Monster-Hoods-Keep-warm-and-look-AWESOME-in-cold/ and wear it with the monster mittens. :) So cool well done!
they're awesome:)
Haha! So fun! Using Ric Rac for the teeth was a great idea :)
Thanks, I have a tun of it. Im always looking for ways to use it for boys.

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