Here's how to do a Monster Truck Tire workout. My friend and fitness instructor, Dayhanna, teaches: How to get a Monster Truck Tire (for free or really cheap), Tire Flips, Tire Box Jumps, Tire Burpee Jumps, and Tire Coordination Drills. You should do each exercise 15 times, which will equal 1 round. Eventually your goal is to be able to do 4 rounds in your workout. (Don't forget to take a brief rest in between each exercise).
That is sweet! Looks like fun too!
Box jumps on a tire - great!
So that's where my tire went!!! -jk
Nice, we do some of these but our tires are a little smaller.
dude I think the guy in blue missed a step towards the end. But very good video, like the different angles, very informative.
I'm going to try this!

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