Introduction: Monster Wreaths

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Just a fun project, that only takes an hour or so and can most likely be made for under $15.00 - maybe more if you or a neighbor don't have access to pine cones.

You'll need:

Wire wreath frame

Pine cones

Glue (I used hot glue - lots of it)

Paint for wreath and teeth (I used 1 color of spray paint and 1 color for the teeth - but as it's a monster wreath, anything goes)

Ping pong balls

Teeth (I used craft sticks/tongue depressors)

Ribbon or other medium for additional decor (optional)

Step 1: Begin With the Corners

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Start by flipping over to the back side of the wire frame and glue 4 pine cones into the "corners".

Step 2: Fill In

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Fill in the spaces between the corners. Finding the right size to fit can take some patience, but it is well worth it.

Step 3: Inside Ring

Picture of Inside Ring

After the outside ring, repeat the steps for the inside ring.

Step 4: Beef It Up

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After the 2 rings are dry, flip the frame over and begin gluing as many pine cones as desired all over!

Step 5: Paint

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Pain the wreath your desired color - no color or technique is right or wrong. Get imaginative!

Step 6: Details

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Detail the wreath as desired.

I used ping pong balls for eyes, white painted craft sticks for teeth and added a bow.

Again let your imagination run wild!

Step 7: Finished Product

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I also made an instructional video for this project.


NathanSellers (author)2015-11-03

Love it. What a fun project.

Penolopy Bulnick (author)2015-11-03

This looks great! Very Nightmare Before Christmas-y :)

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