Picture of Monster bookmark/ face
Hello this is my second instructable hope you like it=)
You will need: 
1. Different colored felt for the teeth pupils eye sockets and face [pupils have to be white]
2. Scissors
3. Glue[if you want you can stick everything instead of gluing]   
1. First you cut out two half's of a diamond or you could just cut out all the diamond [the colour felt of your choosing]  
2. Then you cut out the teeth x 8 [the colored felt of your choosing] 
3. Then cut out the eye sockets 
4. Then cut out the pupils [ the colored felt of your choosing] 
5. Then glue or stitch the two half's of the diamond together [ you don't need to do this if you only made the one diamond]  
6. Then glue or stitch the pupils on the eye sockets
7. Then glue or stitch the teeth on the face
     and your finished!
     hope you enjoy using my instructable!=) 
Dusk Shadows (author) 3 years ago
lost your awesome bookmark?
well how about you make this it's cheap and easy have a go!
hope you like using it =)
rate well if this works for you or you just like the idea
canucksgirl3 years ago
If you made this longer, so that only the monster face stuck out from the pages, it might work a little better (and look cool).

Just an idea... (nice effort though). :)
Dusk Shadows (author)  canucksgirl3 years ago
thanks for the idea!=)
You're welcome. :)