Hello!, I go to explain how to build a monster container while we recycle plastic bottles =]
We need:
-Two plastic bottles of the same size
-A Zipper (the size depends on the thickness of the bottle) preferably red or similar
-Contact glue
-Sticker paper (for eyes)
-A pencil and a marker

And we are ready to start!
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Step 1: Prepare bottles

Picture of Prepare bottles
First clean the inside of the bottle with water. Then, make a mark with the cutter around the bottle, at the height that you want to cut. If you need, use the marker to mark the cutting area. Then cut the bottle for a few cm above the mark (so you can do it with more freedom). Now you can cut along the mark easily.
Repeat this with the other bottle.

Step 2: Paste the pieces

Take contact glue on the edge of the fabric of the zipper (must be on the edge so that the zipper can be moved later). Take glue on the edge of the bottle too. Wait about 10 minutes.
Now join the pieces. Paste the zipper with one bottle (carefully) and then with the other bottle (it will cost a bit more).
For the eyes, draw two ellipses in the sticker paper (the size you want) and cut them out. Draw a black circle as a pupil with a mark and paste it into the bottle.
Leave a few hours without touching the monster. So contact glue dry completely.

Step 3: Finish!

Picture of Finish!
And it's finished!
You can use it as a piggy bank, as a container of things (or double container) or merely decorative (which is very nice =])
I hope you've enjoyed this instructable! Thanks for your time!
greenboy_ralph11 months ago

thank you for the great idea! :)

indocarmen1 year ago
Adorable. Would make great gifts for kids
Indeed I am making this
thanks for such a brilliant Idea
you made my day :D
Carl0652 years ago
Very Fascinating !!! Gonna Make One
azharz2 years ago
Very Cute, I am going to make one.
turtlelover6 years ago
You can also attach ears and make it look like a dog or cat and put pet food in it!
c27_mari (author)  turtlelover6 years ago
yes, it's a good idea! but i don't have a dog or a cat =S
or a fish... or an iguana... or or or or or any animal really!
I wouldn't want to put dead mice in there.... (snake)
recycletc3 years ago
I think its a great way to show how recycling can be fun. I have been Recycle the Clown for many years and need new ideas!!
Shany1204 years ago
vadima4 years ago
thanks :]
Krotas4 years ago
Really cute : )
Congratulations, a nice idea and simple, yet funny ible.
utupiar5 years ago
very funny!!!
This is a nice spin off to the idea here (i read back when it was published in march),:

c27_mari (author)  EmeraldGreenIvy5 years ago
Wow, it's practicaly equal as mine! but my monster container is more beautiful =P
but if you had a dog wouldn't he or she chew through it?
eyebot1175 years ago
LOL! That's cool!
matterhorn16 years ago
Cool! Where did u get the zipper?
c27_mari (author)  matterhorn16 years ago
The truth is that my grandmother gave to me, she had a full bag of zippers
Anyway, if you don't find in your house you can buy (it isn't expensive)
Sandisk1duo6 years ago
c27_mari (author)  Sandisk1duo6 years ago
what? o.O (sorry, I´m spanish and I don`t understand some expresions XD)
c27_mari (author)  Sandisk1duo6 years ago
sgsidekick6 years ago
Too cute! Now I have to make one myself!
c27_mari (author)  sgsidekick6 years ago
And don`t forget to post it!
This is cute! love the idea for souvenirs!!! did u do anything else with the rest of the bottle?
c27_mari (author)  WonderGlenda6 years ago
Not yet, but I haven't thrown the bottles because it may this weekend I do something else. If finally I do, you don`t doubt that I will post it!
Doom20996 years ago
love your idea! its very creative!
shooby6 years ago
Clever design!
shooby shooby6 years ago
how 'bout a "tongue" flap, circular in shape, to separate it into two compartments?
c27_mari (author)  shooby6 years ago
I don't know what you mean! Make one and take a picture! (if you want =])
shooby c27_mari6 years ago
Let me explain. You have, along the zipper-line, a circular shape of a certain diameter. Imagine a circle of that diameter, inserted in between the two plastic bottle parts, and attached where the two plastic bottle parts pivot.
c27_mari (author)  shooby6 years ago
OK! I understand, and it's a very good idea. If I make another (which I will, I already have orders!) I will try.
chaitanyak6 years ago
woah! thats the coolest!!
nagutron6 years ago
Very cute!
ve2vfd6 years ago
Thats too cool!!! :)