Picture of Monster hat/beanie
Hey, it has been a while since my last instructable. But here I am to make a new one. I really like hats/beanies and a few months ago I made this one, after that I decided I was going to make an instructable out of it. Here it is: Monster beanie!
Make your monster beanie the way you want. You can add anything as long as you can still wear it.
Please feel free to send in pictures of your own creation. 
And have fun!
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
You won't need any serious materials, only a sewing machine is a pro.
1. You need some felt for the eyes and teeth.
2. A hat or a beanie.
3. Scissors
4. A pencil or rather a tailors pencil (hope that's right)
5. 2 different sized circles or whatever shape you like for the eyes.
6. Yarn to make sure everything stays in its place.
7. The sewing machine (no picture)

I got the tailors pencil from a local shop. I guess you could get it in stores that sell fabrics or something like that. Otherwise you could use a normal pencil but it is hard to see on the black felt.
The beanie is a light, grey one from the same store as the pencil. Can be obtained at any clothes store.

Step 2: Making the eyes

Picture of Making the eyes
For the eyes you need the glass, the cap, pencil and the scissors.
1. place the biggest circle on the white felt and go around it with your pencil (normal grey pencil).
2. Do so for the black felt with the little circle (use white pencil).
3. cut them out.
4. Do not sew the eyes on it yet.

Take the edge of the fabric this wil cost the least fabric.

:) Nice!!

mixemt2 years ago
So cute!!
jona991 (author)  mixemt1 year ago
Thank you!