Mont Black (Mont Blanc Hack) - fitting the new Mont Blanc pen refills into Pilot G2 pens

Picture of Mont Black (Mont Blanc Hack) - fitting the new Mont Blanc pen refills into Pilot G2 pens
A few years ago my dad offered my brother and I Mont Blanc fountain pens for Christmas. I had heard of this brand before and I knew they were supposedly very expensive - so much so in fact that they don't list their prices on their main website, usually not a good sign - but I had never really believed they were actually worth it.

It didn't take long for me to realize I was very, very wrong.

After that I started to write with fountain pens in general and that one in particular more and more again, but I always wondered if the Mont Blanc pens actually were such a quality jump from basic pens the way their fountain pens were from the vast bulk of foutain pens. It took this Instructable by Kingant to make me realize I could actually give it a shot without having to give away a kidney to afford one to try out, so I went off to the local retailer to get some refills, brought them home...

And realized they didn't fit. The sneaky Mont Blanc team had changed the shape of their refills (or maybe I had just picked a different model by mistake) ! Either way, I realized there was still hope - and went to work !
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Step 1: What you'll need

Picture of What you'll need
For this little hack, you really won't need much ! Here goes :
  • A Pilot G-2 pen. As it happens, it also works with PIlot G-Knocks ! About 2€ ;
  • A Mont Blanc high capacity refill - from 6€ up ;
  • An X-acto blade, because teeth just won't do ;
  • A cutting mat, so you don't chop up that desk of yours ;
  • A ruler to measure your cuts
All good ? Moving on to step 1 !
tphan71 year ago
Thank you so much for this post, I had done this before, but with the other refills, without this I would've been out $15, and I'm a broke college student that just likes nice pens