Mont Blanc Ball Pen Refill Mods for Pilot G2 Pen





Introduction: Mont Blanc Ball Pen Refill Mods for Pilot G2 Pen

Modifications to a Mont Blanc Ball Pen refill for the Pilot G2 pen.

Step 1:

Open the Pilot G2 pen and remove the G2 refill. (Figure 2)

Step 2:

Remove the plastic tip protector from the Mont Blanc ball pen refill. (Figure 3)

Step 3:

Using a knife (or sandpaper) trim the three fins located on one end of the tip protector to be flush with the tip protector body. (Figures 4 and 5)

Step 4:

Now cut off a 12mm section from each end of the tip protector to yield two 12mm sections. (Figure 6)

Step 5:

Put the 12mm section that has an opening on both ends onto the ball pen refill. (Figure 7)

Step 6:

Drop the remaining 12mm section into the top barrel of the pen. (Figure 8)

Step 7:

Insert the Mont Blanc refill and reassemble the pen. (Figure 9 and 10)

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This instructable is for the ball point pen refill not the gel refill. The ball point pen refill doesn't dry out.

I've never seen a hack like this. I simply cut off the rear end of the Mont Blanc refill to make it the same height as the G2 refill. What can I say? It's a bit rough, the clicker sometimes doesn't allow the tip to retract, but it works well enough. I definitely like it a lot. The Mont Blanc refill works much better than the G2. I get more resistance from the Mont Blanc refill which allows me that extra control to form my cursive letters better.