Introduction: Monty Python Coconuts

Picture of Monty Python Coconuts

How to make coconuts like the ones used in Monty Python and the Holy Grail

Step 1: Materials Needed

Picture of Materials Needed
  • Coconut
  • Hacksaw
  • Hammer
  • Nail
  • Glass (optional)
  • Cutting Board (optional)
  • Skewer (optional)

Step 2: Draining the Fluids

Picture of Draining the Fluids

First, take the Hammer and nail. Next, find an eye of the coconut, and using the hammer,
pound the nail into the eye. Then remove the nail, and set the coconut on a glass for about 10 minuets to fully drain. If a skewer is available, stick it through the eyes of the coconut, to further
allow the juices to flow. After take the juice and either throw it away, or look up more instructables
on what to do with it.

Step 3: Opening the Coconut

Picture of Opening the Coconut

After draining most of the juice out of the coconut, decide what is about halfway on your
coconut, and saw away. Alternately, you can use a chisel, but that makes for rough edges.
When you are done, your coconut should look like this

Step 4: Cleaning the Coconut

Picture of Cleaning the Coconut

If you pl an to eat you coconut, rinse it out under the sink, then using a knife,
cut out the white coconut meat. Make sure all of the meat has been removed.

Step 5:

Picture of

After you coconut has been stripped of all of its meat, forming a steady rhythm, take the
two haves of the coconut shell, and prance around the house as though you were riding
a horse.


AlexS104 (author)2015-09-25

inventor scout (author)2014-10-23

It IS the rabbit.

ivondudley (author)2011-06-15

I sware this is true, after reading this I actually bought a Monty Pyhton King Arthur costume for a party to go to and I just sent my girlfriend to the store to buy me some coconuts! haha

sadunpererarules (author)2009-08-01

are you suggesting a sparrow carried those coconuts?

cough swallow cough

 african or european?

1spartan95 (author)MrLouque2010-11-08

I believe they simply migrated

RedneckAsian (author)2009-11-10

WHAT is your name?

LiberalJarhead (author)2009-01-10

... I got better!

CapinPorcupine (author)2008-11-26

She turned me into a newt! btw great instructable

mdkelsh (author)CapinPorcupine2008-11-26

thanks....I only wish that the coconut I used was ripe....coconut is good

explosivemaker (author)2008-11-24

....Are you suggesting that coconuts migrate?......

mdkelsh (author)explosivemaker2008-11-24

Maybe it was an African Swallow

explosivemaker (author)mdkelsh2008-11-26

....well sure, maybe an African swallow, but not a European swallow....

Kiteman (author)2008-11-24

~~I fart in your...~~ Good quickie - you should really add a video of you and your mates galloping around a field...

beado4ever (author)Kiteman2008-11-24

Ah, but they'd never expect that......

mrbob1000 (author)2008-11-24

how can two swallows carry the same coconut? and dont say grip it by the husk.

Jedi Ronin (author)mrbob10002008-11-24

"Simple, They just use a strand of creeper."

mikedoth (author)2008-11-23

That is awesome! I love those movies.

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