This Instructable will teach you the basics of the art of dog mooching, and how to resist it.

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If you want to join this collaboration to add some of your tips, ask me.

Step 1: The Basics

First of all, there are two types of mooching:
Table and Other.
Table mooching is the form of begging for scraps from the table. This includes lunch and dinner. Breakfast is normally not a problem intill bacon, eggs, and sausage is thrown in.
Other consists of anything off the table, such as a snack on the couch.

The two main mooching food groups are meats and cheeses.
The intensity of the mooch for each food group will vary for each dog. My dog's intensity level is peaked with cheese, followed by meat.
Beautiful dog. Is she a Berner? I've only had Cairn Terriers, so I confuse all those big dogs. My dogs have always gone to the "I hate you" look, because I insist that they leave the room while we eat. The dog will leave the room at 0.005 mph, which is the slowest possible speed that they can obey my command of "Beat it!" without getting in trouble. Then, she will go into the next room and flop down with an "ooomph" of disgust. (It's rather amazing that such a small dog can make such a large noise.) If at all possible, she will lie down and make eye contact with my daughter while staying out of my range of vision. This is tough because my chair is in the corner of the kitchen, and I can see out of both kitchen doors. If she can't make eye contact with my daughter or any guests, she begins to creep toward the kitchen/dining room while appearing to sleep. (guests are perfect. They cave immediately and start giving the dog treats) As we are finishing dinner, the dog will still technically be in the dining room, because 99.5% of her body weight is in the dining room, with only her front toenails and tip of her nose on the threshold to the kitchen. If she is lucky (meaning Grandpa wasn't hungry, so he put all his leftovers in a paper plate), I won't tell her off for sneaking into the kitchen. When we are completely finished with dinner, the dog is allowed into the kitchen again. Grandpa will normally have a paper plate with scraps (okay) or almost a whole uneaten dinner (yay!). He will even put his foot on the edge of the paper plate so the dog won't scoot it across the kitchen as she eats. The dog loves Grandpa. One time when I was on a business trip, Grandpa felt bad that the rest of the family wasn't having sit-down meals. So he made macaroni and cheese for the dog. The dog really, really loves Grandpa. Great Instructable, and an even more beautiful dog. I suggest you get a kitchen table that's a little bit higher. I've never had a dog that was table height, and I'd be tempted to try and teach her to hold my glass on her head to get a treat. (I'm mean. I make the dog earn her goodies)
OMG that was hilarious!!! Excellent instructable, excellent pictures, and your dog is BEAUTIFUL!!! You have perfectly describe their <em>modus operandi</em> LOL!<br/>
Your dog is so cute! Especially with the snowflakes on his/her head! My dog actually doesn't beg that much, but maybe it's cause we've only ever given her scraps into her bowl. Waiting for something to fall is a completly different story however... slightly vulture like...
very cute!and also I will have to try it!
I was thinking about doing this same thing, except from a dog's perspective.
Wanna make this a collaberation? Right now it is based on one dog, then it could be more, and we can make this an iBle from both veiws. The dog <strong>and</strong> human? <br/>
Ha my shiba begs like a..... well begger i guess. :P
ill join, my border collie begs like crazy
All right rocknrollskwurl. Just don't delete anything already on here.
Mine was really all the same thing, except a guide by a dog, for dogs. Don't think i'd be able to add much.
I was planning on doing it in the dog's perspecive, but while I was typing it turned into a human guide thing. *Shrug*
When I saw that dog I immediately thought of how it would look wearing a top hat.
You see that south park ep where craig (i think thats his name) and his friends make a video of Cute pictures of animals with a widescreen lens wearing hats? Lmao
beautiful dogs!

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