Picture of Mood lighting using recycleables
I wanted some mood lighting in my bedroom and wanted to try my hand at using LEDs, so here is an ambient light fixture that uses red LEDs and emits just enough light and looks really really cool. The whole design was influenced by a line of bulbs often found in dressing rooms. It is made up completely of recyclable materials such as cardboard from an ikea box and plastic arrowhead water bottles that I collect at my work place. GO GREEEN!

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Step 1: What you need

Picture of What you need
1. Cardboard for the base - I cut some out from an IKEA box
2. Plastic water bottles (0.5L) - thinner plastic = better for this project
3. Spray paint/acryllic paint
4. Painter's tape
5. Red LEDs - 20mA at 3V
6. Battery holder + 3 AA batteries
7. Wire
8. Solder and soldering Iron,
9. Wire cutter
10. Super Glue
11. Some pointy tool to punch holes.
Kornelie5 years ago
 so creative! thumbs up!
Interesting...Thanks for the instructable. Now if only we could hook up an on / off switch.
should be very easy, just cut one of the power lines and splice in a switch
dcmania216 years ago
amazing idea, im so setting this up in my room! green leds and orange paint
aceitunita6 years ago
super cool. I love the asian look.
mercurius6 years ago
Wow perfect!!!
junits156 years ago
cool, it would be even cooler if you used rainbow flashing LEDs
tcup6 years ago
I love this! It recycles and is attractive. I think I have some grandkids who could have fun with this.
Pompom7 years ago
The back of it looks like it could be a piece of art, too! :-P I really like the innovative use of crushed bottles! Très cool!
coolhypno7 years ago
wow what a creative mind. keep it up
this is freaking awesome... please make one for my room too :) - Mom
jazzlight7 years ago
very innovative, like the idea of using the bottels
this is cool
how much time did it take you from concept to creation
firegardeneve (author)  desichocolate7 years ago
it's really a 2-3 hour effort if you do it once. I had many many bottles all over my apartment dying to be transformed into art work and the instructable mentioned in step 1 and other led instructables i saw did it for me. So I'd say about a week from concept to creation
JimMorrison7 years ago
chummatp7 years ago
dhruvg7 years ago
that is really cool!
vmehandru7 years ago
Looks pretty cool...
PKM7 years ago
Cardboard and glue lighting FTW! :) I like how you put in the extra effort for the border to make it look like a feature rather than just an unassuming little lamp. It even matches your cushions!
chaitu2k PKM7 years ago
fantastic... really cool... how abt the power for the led's?? ... if thts green then its just awesome... cheers
firegardeneve (author)  chaitu2k7 years ago
Thanks Chaitu2k. I could try and use solar power... will need some time tofigure that out.
Patrik7 years ago
Very creative - love it!

How many hours are you getting out of 3 AA's though? AAs are about 3000 mAh, but your 40 LEDs draw 40x20=800mA - so less than 4 hours?
firegardeneve (author)  Patrik7 years ago
Thanks Patrik. That's a good point.. didn't think about it. But it works for proof of concept. My next step is to make it use AC power so i can simply plug it into a walla socket.
trippy ... next upgrade should have a beat sensor between the power source and the leds ..
this is awesome and very earth friendly. I will not throw away another bottle again..I like it that it looks nice even when its not lit..its important that a lighting feature looks great in the morning as well as in the evening.