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Introduction: Moon Dreamcatcher!

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hello everyone! I saw this moon shaped dreamcatcher on pinterest and decided to give it a try .Turned out pretty cool I think :)

I have a previous inst. called How to make a dreamcatcher
( )
I suggest you check it out before trying this one or you can watch some youtube videos if you want.That would be more helpful especially if it's your first try :)

soo here we go ...

Step 1: Materials

a metal bracelet
needle and threat
a thick thread

Step 2: Moon Shape

Using the pliers make a moon shape.

Step 3: Wrapping

Put some glue on the end and start wrapping.When you reach the end put some glue on the end too.I wrapped thread 2 times but one time works too.

Step 4: Threading

I used 2 different threads for this step I found that it looks very different and cool so it's totally optional.

Step 5:

So here we go.It's all about loops.First make a knot at the beginning to secure it.Then make loops all around.When you reach the end make a final loop and make a knot again to secure it.

Step 6: Loops and Loops

Go halfway through the thread ,make a loop and pull it tight.Then again go halfway,make a loop,pull.You might have to hold the previous loop in case it gets loose.And feel free to add beads along the way.When you reach the end don't forget to make a knot to secrure it.

Step 7: And More Loops

Repeat the previous steps and again when you reach the end make a knot to secure it.

Step 8: Adding the Feathers

Make a knot at the bottom and cut one slighly shorter.Put the beads through and keep them on the top.Glue the feathers and when the glue is dry put down the beads.

Step 9: Hanging

To hang it make a little knot at the top.

Step 10: Done!

And you are done! Hope it was clear to understand if not like a said at the beginning you can check out my previous inst. or some youtube videos ...
hope you enjoyed ^u^



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    Very nicely documented with photos. Looks simple. I'm inspired. Thanks for posting.

    1 reply

    yayy thank you ^^

    it's easier when it's bigger