Introduction: Moon Phase Beads and Bracelet!

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Hellooo ^u^
Hope you enjoy this little instructable :)

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials

a ring
a needle(with a ball tip)
clay(I used air dry )
black paint(acrylic)
a brush
a hollow carved bead

Step 2: Creating the Shape(Full Moon)

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Take a bit of clay and flatten it on the surface.Push the bead on the clay and carefully lift it up with the needle.

Step 3: Cleaning the Edges

Picture of Cleaning the Edges

Push the ring in the middle and take off the excess clay.You can go around with a knife too.Lastly clean off the edges with the needle and soften with the ball tip.

Step 4: Creating the Half Moon Shape

Picture of Creating the Half Moon Shape

Repeat the first step for the half moon but keep the shape a bit on the left side.Then cut it in half with the knife.Clean the hard edges with the needle.

Step 5: Creating the Crescent Shape

Picture of Creating the Crescent Shape

Again repeat the first step but this time crate the crescent shape by pressing the ring on the clay.

Step 6: Adding the Hole

Picture of Adding the Hole

Using the needle create a little hole on top of the shapes and make it larger using the tip of a pen or a toothpick.If you want you can leave it without painting,it looks pretty cool in my opinion :)

Step 7: Painting

Picture of Painting

Okaay this step can be a little tricky just be careful :)
Hold it with the tip of a pen and paint reaaally lighly on the clay.So that you only paint the surface.

Step 8: Bracelet

Picture of Bracelet

Now the beads are done you can make everything you want!
I just attached one bead to a bracelet but you can make a choker necklace too :).
Sorry I couldn't take pictures when I was making the bracelet...


I made a bookshelf decor to-------> Bookshelf Decor

I hope you enjoyed!
If you have any questions leave it below

And if you make anything with them I want pictures :*** :)


ellnbchristi (author)2016-10-31

Fabulous project, thank you! You could also make torch fired enamel moons (and/or stars) for this project...very easy to do and loads of fun!! Not to mention gorgeous! Thank you so much again for sharing your great projects with us. Have a very blessed and happy day!!!

Leiana2213 (author)2016-06-15

Awesome! I'll have to make a bunch of these as soon as I can! Where did you get the hollowed bead?

hinagiku (author)Leiana22132016-06-15

well it was a piece from a necklace that I already owned but you can find a lot of smilar ones at craft stores I'm sure :D

massahi (author)2016-06-14

I love moons <3 Great

hinagiku (author)massahi2016-06-15

yeah I've been obsessed with them too :D

DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2016-06-14

Cool idea for how to make custom beads.

thanks :)

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