Everybody knows that full Moon attracts all supernatural forces. This project about the Bat flying in front of Moon, while Moon changes its phases. Eyes of the Bat accrue red accent when Moon is full.

Step 1: Components

Some of the project components you can see on the photo:

  • Twelve Backlight White LED modules (Adafruit Industrries)
  • Two RED super bright LEDs (SparkFun electronics)
  • Atmega328 micro controller (Mouser Electronics)
  • Fourteen resistors 270 Ohm, 1/4 Watt (Fry's)
  • Six pins header (Fry's)

In addition to this components project utilizes:

  • Two Plexiglas sheets 6*6*1/16" (I cut it out of old picture frame glass).
  • RadioShack Multipurpose PC Board Catalog #: 2760150.
  • Two fourteen pin sockets (not to solder micro controller directly, Fry's).
  • Some wires.
  • Heat shrinks.
  • A lot of Velcro self adhesive strips.

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