Title says it all...
goe l yum bna<br>
OH NO ITS A BOMB! lol watch out for the police!
The brave, the true, the blue, (the paranoid,) the Boston Police Department
lol, yeah I remember that
How is this an Instructable? The only instruction is to look for it in Make magazine. Sounds like an ad for an EXPENSIVE quarterly magazine. SPAM!!!
<em>...a future edition...</em><br/><br/>Does Gadre work for Make? If so, then this <em>is</em> spam, and unacceptable.<br/><br/>Or has Make simply decided to feature Gadre's project (as they have done to other projects authored by Instructableers)? In that case, this is simply boasting, and rightly so.<br/><br/>Gadre - which is it?<br/>
Sir, In the rather limited options that you offer me, I am afraid its a boast.
Well, congratulations!
<em>&quot;What kind of videos can I post?</em><br/>Submit your how-to videos, show off what you have made or are currently making. Just make sure the videos are your own.&quot;<em></em><br/>
For a HOW-TO tutorial see - <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.hacknmod.com/displayMOD.php?hack=765">Here</a><br/>
This is a cultural icon! Obscure as it might be... I want to build one too!
You should have done the Instructables Robot...

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