Picture of Moonkin Hatchling Plushie!!
So my long distance girlfriend and her family planned to come over to my country for a few days. And I decided to make a plushie for her. Cause she loves plushies and there was once when we were video chatting, that she mentions that she wished there was such a thing as a Moonkin Hatchling plushie. She loves Moonkin Hatchlings, a virtual pet from the MMORPG, World of Warcraft. Which was the video game where we met.

And I took the liberty of a few weeks to complete it, well before she comes over. I took a short while of designing and drawing cause I thought I wouldn't make it in time before she'd come over. And the thing is, I kept it a closely guarded secret. She had no idea I had been making it. I managed to finish it in about 2 weeks. Yeah I know I'm a noob. I had to work too hey, work 6 days a week, and most of the time i come home tired and didn't bother with it :P

Cost                      : $16.50
Time Completed: 2 weeks
Difficulty              : 6/10
Tools                     : 1x Needle
                                 nx Pins
                                 1x Scissors
                                 1x Pen
                                 Matching coloured Thread.
Materials             : 1x Sheet of Black felt
                                 1x Sheet of White felt
                                 2x Sheets of Dark Grey felt
                                 2x Sheets of Grey felt
                                 2x Sheets of Dark Ink Blue felt
                                 1x Sheet of Light Beige felt
                                 1x Sheet of Light Brown felt
                                 1x Sheet of Orange felt
                                 One big bag of stuffings!

NOTE: Most of the tools used are sharp and dangerous for young children. Please have a responsible adult do it for you, or at least supervise you in the works.

Also. This is my first time sewing. I've never sewn anything in my entire life, so... I apologise if it looks horrible D:
Kbrown19921 year ago
your pattern you used to make it. can you email it to people? I'd love to be able to make this I just need the pattern for it if you were to be so kind! your tutorial was amazing and congrats on your engagement! !
tinitonka1 year ago
Oh, I love it. This is so awesome, wish I had the pattern to try to make a hatchling for my mans birthday.
auragundas2 years ago
Wow. This is great work. Thanks for sharing.
Bibendi2 years ago
WTB moonkin hatchling plushie :(
sadly this is one thing golds cant buy :P
mmorpgs Bibendi2 years ago
LOL! Same here, this looks awesome, but I don't think I have the skills to sew, or even where I could find the materials needed.

You should consider making and selling these and other WoW pet plushies OP!
auntynigel2 years ago
Grats on the pre engagement engagement :)
boomkins do indeed rock as does that plushie. Think I may have a bash myself. nice work :)
Astatinexmime (author)  auntynigel2 years ago
Thanks! :P
eyesee2 years ago
very good
eyesee2 years ago
very good
Critter Mel2 years ago
Being a druid myself in WoW (although I am, and have always been, feral) that is an AMAZING job and I really love it!