This is my pattern for an intermediate sewer Moonkin Plushie. It took 1/4 y of 3 colors of fleece fabric (tan, yellow, and brown for horde, navy, white, and periwinkle for alliance) I would recommend using a sewing machine to make the process go faster. I also used flannel for the eyes, beak and horns/antlers.

Step 1: Step 1: Print Your Pattern

This pattern can be printed and used for the moonkin plushie. Mine turned out about a foot tall and used a whole bag of stuffing.

<p>These look really cute. My kid would really like one of these. They are one of his favorite creatures in World of Warcraft.</p>
<p>It took my friend and I about 4 hours to put it all together (mostly due to some sewing machine malfunctions!) I know these instructions aren't comprehensive, so if you have any questions feel free to ask. </p>

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