Moonstone Lariat Necklace DIY by Beadalicious Author, Sonya Nimri





Introduction: Moonstone Lariat Necklace DIY by Beadalicious Author, Sonya Nimri

About: I maintain a website with tons of diy project on it I work for Anthropologie making their displays. I've written two books, the first is called "Just for the Frill of It, 25 Fabulous Styles to Make Out of Cl...

DIY video of the Lariat Necklace on the cover of Beadalicious.



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    Where can I get the moonstone for this necklace? I've looked at a few places and if you could recommend some bead stores that would be great! I love this necklace. The chain that you used is very pretty.

    I love making lariat necklaces especially the chain ones described. I had some on sale on my site but took them off to make way for my new collection, looks I will have to be make more & put the previous ones back on! Very done Sonya for the simple & easy tutorial.

    Great idea. Good use of those single beads I have on hand. Will look for the book and view your other videos.

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