DIY video of the Lariat Necklace on the cover of Beadalicious.

Where can I get the moonstone for this necklace? I've looked at a few places and if you could recommend some bead stores that would be great! I love this necklace. The chain that you used is very pretty.
I love making lariat necklaces especially the chain ones described. I had some on sale on my site but took them off to make way for my new collection, looks I will have to be make more & put the previous ones back on! Very done Sonya for the simple & easy tutorial. www.deeunique.com
Great idea. Good use of those single beads I have on hand. Will look for the book and view your other videos.
Sonya,Awesome thank you so much. I look forward to more .. I will look for your book too..<br/> love n peace<br/> Michele<br/>&quot;Life I love you, All is Groovy&quot;<br/><strike></strike><strike></strike><strike></strike><strike></strike><strike></strike><strike></strike><br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.xanga.com/browneyed_hippie">http://www.xanga.com/browneyed_hippie</a><br/>Michele Hoffman,<br/>Gourds By Michele<br/>www.picturetrail.com/michelehoffman<br/>gourdsandgadgets@gmail.com<br/>Gourdsandgadgets<br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://GourdsandGadgets.etsy.com">http://GourdsandGadgets.etsy.com</a> <br/>
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