Picture of Moooooo Glue
This is glue made from milk, vinegar and baking soda. It is stronger than elmers glue and is very inexpensive. It is my entry to the amazon.com and instructables science fair group.

Step 1: Materials

Heres what you need:
Milk(mooo juice)no whole milk
Baking Soda
Paper Towel or Coffee Filter
Popsicle Stick
Table Spoon
2 Dixie Cups
Small Spoon
Rune Cutter5 years ago
Theophilus talks about this in "Divers Arts" he said that if you added quick lime to it you could glue boats together.  I haven't tried it yet but it looks right in your neighbor  hood, also if you title it making glue from spoiled milk you can recoupe the cost of milk, groceries throw out milk past it's expiration and sometimes you can get it for asking.  In a farm environment milk is the price of grass.

Once again Nice!
Domindude37 years ago
Cool idea. I'm working on a way to make tacky glue(or any glue I guess) stronger
use flour
1arrow247 years ago
Actually how strong is this glue?
zjharva (author)  1arrow247 years ago
like elmers glue.
dn16117 years ago
When I did it it just turned into a bunch of foam?
beatyruth8 years ago
Do you know if this can be stored if you don't use all of it?
andy608 years ago
nice idea, now i know how i am going to fix the cupboard door in the kitchen... lol
badrang48 years ago
um what about the smell of aged moo glue? ew!!!
No smell : ) Well, unless you leave a large amount someplace where it can't dry out, but then the smell is mold, not sour milk.
Ohm8 years ago
Isn't Elmer's white glue made of milk anyway?
sgt.paper Ohm8 years ago
no its made of animal hooves
Tvman8 years ago
first of all that thing looks like a turd turned white and stuff..and second of all ew...........but i guess its a ok project...
jtobako8 years ago
At over $2 a gallon, milk glue is expensive especially when you are only using the solids : ) (If you figure 1/3 of the milk is solids-generous guess-, you are at the same price as bulk elmer's glue.)