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MonoPod Made of a Mop

Step 1: Gather Parts

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parts required

1x digitek DVH001 fluid tripod head

1x Bolt for the tripod head

5x Nuts

1x Washer

1x Epoxy(Mseal/ any epoxy putty)

1X Mop( In my case the mop was broken so was lucky)

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You can dismantle it and also carry it anywhere you want.

You can also use the tripod head for future projects like a dolly rail or Tripod itself.

Step 9: Please Watch This Video

Please Watch this video to know how I did it


Swansong (author)2017-05-10

That's a really good way to get more of a range for your camera / gopro :)

yes it is i will upload the video of the same

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