Picture of Moped/Scooter Saddle Bags
So i wanted to add saddle bags to my 150cc scooter.  I looked around online at various sources but the prices turned me off.  Afterall all most of them appeared to be similar to messenger bags sewn together and then laid over the bike with the seat holding the straps in place.  I decided at that point i could make a set myself by finding two messenger type bags and sewing them together.  
This will be a fairly short instructable as there is not much to it.  
Items you will need are: 
Messenger type bags (found mine at a army/navy surplus store)
Sewing machine (or sew by hand)
Cardboard (optional depending on bag style and prefrence)

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Step 1: Bags

Picture of Bags
I got my bags at a local army navy surplus store.  This particular store had a huge selection of bags.  It took me a while to decide on a set.  The ones i went with were $14.00 dollars each plus they were on sale at 40% off.  So i spent about $20.00 on this project all together.  Really you can use any bags you want as long as they will realistically fit your bike and your needs.  

Step 2: Measure

Picture of Measure
I for whatever reason did not get any photos of this step.  But its easy to describe what i did.  My bags had canvas straps on them.  I had to cut the straps off of one bag and then sew the strap from the other bag to this bag.  To know where to attach them i had to measure on the bike and mark the strap.  The strap should be sewn to the same spot that you removed the previous strap from.  To measure i lifted my seat up and had my wife help me hold the two bags against the bike in the location i wanted them to hang when completed.  I then used chalk to mark on the strap where i needed to sew it to the other bag.  Now we can go and sew.  
Wow this is great I used a couple if waterproof bags and sewed little loops in the bottom of both of them to attach a bun-jee cord underneath the bike for stability and it works great, thanks for the idea!
etlerd3 years ago
I was thinking about just this setup for my scooter! I thought I'd use corrugated plastic for the interior reinforcement, and somehow bungie the bottom of each bag to the frame so they don't flop around.
thelandofthedave (author)  etlerd3 years ago
Corrugated plastic i think would be much better than cardboard. At some point i might change the cardboard out for something more water proof anyway
I'm curious as to how these are holding up after a year. I'm guessing they are the same material as all of the similar bags sold in ARmy/Navy surplus stores, so unless they are susceptible to UV rays or your scooter is constantly wet I'd think they held up nicely. Reason I'm asking is I had the same idea. :P
thelandofthedave (author)  Mr.Jowee3 years ago
So far they are holding up well. But I do only put them on the scooter when I need them. So they do not get used everyday. Yes they are the same material used in most if not all surplus store bags.