Mora 511 Improvements


Introduction: Mora 511 Improvements

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Ok guys!
I have this mora knife I got but there are a couple things i do not like. These are easy.

Step 1: Belt Loop

It doesent fit through most belts so I added a paracord loop. It can serve as rope if needed. What i did was make a bracket without the buckle and tied it on.

Step 2: Back

On the back it was rounded so I took a grinder and a file and made it so that I could use my fire steel on it

Step 3: Fire Steel.

I added a inner tube to slide my fire steel in it.

Hope you guys liked it. Please give me any ideas and comment. Maybe you have different knives of mora and I would love to hear about them. They are really good.
God bless



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    I can't really tell, but that rod looks like you taped it to the knife's sheathe? If so.. You'll wanna take a piece of paracord and tie it off to something. Just in case you fall out in the bush and that rod falls out on the ground. I tie most my stuff to my kit just in case.

    What it this knife or the companion or clipper??

    on mine I cut the huge finger guard off (mostly) because I do some wood carvings with it, made it more maneuverable. good tip on the knife spine.