More Durable Windsurfer Wi-Fi Extender





Introduction: More Durable Windsurfer Wi-Fi Extender

We all know about the Windsurfer Wi-Fi extender, but this is a more durable version of it.

Step 1: Materials Required

- Windsurfer Template ( Print above picture )

- Cookies or Candy tin

- Soft plastic ( i use a empty container of vinegar )

- Scissors

- Utility knife

- Glue gun

- Masking tape

- Lighter

- Sharpie pen

Step 2: Making the Reflector

Cut the reflector part of the Windsurfer from the tin.

Cut the slot in the reflector for the antenna mount.

Step 3: Making the Antenna Mount

Cut the antenna mount part of the Windsurfer from your soft plastic ( I use a empty container of vinegar ).

Cut slit in the plastic for the antenna.

Step 4: Assemble Your Windsurfer Antenna Extender

Insert the antenna mount tab into the slot of the reflector.

Use masking tape to help hold it together for now.

Melt and fold the tab using a lighter.

Add glue to old it all together with the glue gun.

Remove tape wen glue is cold.

Step 5: Install Windsurfer

Slide the Windsurfer on the antenna.
Now enjoy a more durable Windsurfer Wi-Fi extender.



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    it does not say say in the instructions, but from the photos it appears the template should be enlarged.

    2 replies

    I don't think it will make any diference.

    Next time (or any time) you make a pattern for people to print and use, please place something on it which is a known size, and label the dimensions. My computer/printer likes to resize things to make them fit, so my print might be a bit larger or smaller than your original. Printing US letter on ISO A4 paper (and vis versa) also can cause the print to be re-scaled.

    I can measure something on my printout marked "this is 1 inch" and see if I need to have the pattern re-printed slightly larger or smaller to match yours.


    2 replies

    I don't think it will make any diference.

    What did you use to cut the slots in the reflector?

    1 reply

    A dremel tool.

    I could not get wifi to work in my garage, now i get 2 out of 5 bar for signal.

    Not perfect but it work.

    I'm just curious if you're garage is attached or detached?

    Attached but it's made with stucco and use to be detach before house expansion. the chiken wire in the stucco is like a cage and stop most of the signal.

    So cool! Even I can do this! Long house, short router

    Any suggestions if the the Wi-Fi has no external antenna?

    2 replies

    Have a look there for that.

    Thank you.

    Hey this is cool my DAD helped me make our wifi longer Thanks

    Johnny Jr