More Faberge Interpretations





Introduction: More Faberge Interpretations

More Faberge style decorated egg shells. All of these are my interpretation of several of the original Faberge eggs: the
Spring Flower, The Orange Tree,The Trans-Siberian Railway and The Pine Cone



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    how the heck did you make those?

    there amazing

    and are these real diamonds

    Carole, Your orange tree and your spring egg are absolutely beautiful. They are true perfect replicas of the Faberge eggs, These are real eggshells with moveable hinges on fragile eggshells! The artistic ability that your work shows is incredible! I hope you win the contest! DG

    This is one of the Faberge originals that I have seen and the Spring Flower is one of my favorites. Fabulous work. DJSaxton

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    Dear DJ Saxton, I have responded to many of your comments, but I apparently missed this one in my e-mail notification. The Spring Flower original is a beautiful small egg, and it is one of my favorites too of the originals. Thank you for visiting my slide shows. Carole B.

    Wanted to let you know that I tried to rate you at 5, but it seems this site will not let me. In my book, you are a 5 with your ability to re-create in a real egg the similarity to the originals.

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    Thank you. What a lovely compliment that you would like to rate me as a 5. I do not know how the rating is done, but I do sincerely appreciate that I am a 5 in your mind...Carole B.

    This is definitely a winner in my mind. Beautiful work.

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    Thank you. Carole B.

    My wife says your Orange Tree is her favorite, because it reminds us of our orange groves in FL. Where are you located?

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    Hello again. I appreciate all of your comments. I am in the metro Atlanta area. I think I have already responded about the Atlanta Ballet. Please thank your wife for her comments about The Orange Tree; I am pleased that it reminds her of your orange groves in FL. I also lived in FL twice, so I am quite familiar with the beauty of orange groves. Carole B.