Step 17: Catch a Mouse With a Jar and a Nickel

Put a dab of peanutbutter in the bottom of a jar or drinking glass.
Turn the jar upside down and prop it up on a nickel.
A penny isn't big enough and the mouse will knock the glass over before getting under it.
A nickel is the right coin to use.
Do this somewhere mice can get to.

A mouse will crawl into the glass and knock it down while jumping at the peanut butter.
https://www.instructables.com/id/Trap-a-Mouse-with-a-Jar-and-a-Coin.-Then-Chase-it-/ I've caught many mice this way].
<p>I tried plugging my dremel into one of those Ikea dimmers but the dremel ran really rough . I'm guessing it can't take inductive loads though</p>
<p>Electric go-kart Cool . </p>
<p>Died laughing so I'm now part of the living dead, but hey I'm still here right!</p>
<p>I was told to break a light bulb and grind the glass until it's fine granules. Mix it up in peanut butter and I guess you can figure out the rest.</p>
i've done this since the first time i learned to play guitar (which about 12 years ago), my sister taught me this trick. it works pretty nicely.
would this work on regular clothes? i was thinking about waterproofing a hat and this seems a good idea.. and what about what crache said? is the oil combustable near heat or is it just the boiled oil? thanks
nice idea. i hate the fact that there isnt a safety switch on dremel just in case itts dropped
The spray is to kill any mosquitoes so you don't get malaria. Actually, people who work near int'l airports are more likely to get malaria that anybody else.
I did the same thing, except I use the Lutron Credenza plug in dimmer. You don't have to cut the power cord, just plug the Dremel into the Lutron, and you're off and running, $10 at Home Depot or Lowes. Note, triac based dimmers work with universal brushed motors, despite the Lutron box saying not to be used with motors; that's the same type of electronics used inside the variable speed Demels.
Re: the bird-feeder. My brother used red food colouring and this seemed to attract them in the 10s!!!
I have been collecting marbles from spray paint cans ever since I was a kid. I currently have 300ish spray paint can marbles and I had about 100 stolen from my car years ago; I suspect I have personally opened over 400 cans. I can validate many of your comments. <br> <br>First: Metal balls, usually with a flat spot on opposite sides, come primarily in primers and very small cans. They rust, yes, but only after having been exposed to the air. While in the pressurized can, full of paint which would solidify if it was exposed to air, they are fine. <br> <br>Second: You normally get only one marble, some cans have two. I have never found a certain brand that always has two. <br> <br>Third: Yes, they can be dangerous but you can open, semi-safely, a full can. They can fly out of your hand though as they act like a large, angry, directionless, heavy bottle rocket. The can doesn't explode though. It is unnecessary to spray out the remaining pressure, but you can if it makes you feel safer. <br> <br>Lastly (fourth): Yes, they are glass marbles. They seem like marble &quot;seconds&quot; as they are usually not totally spherical and some have grooves in the glass. I have found very few opaque marbles which were not black. Many have bubbles throughout them. Blue is the most prevalent color. <br> <br>I made a special tool out of a piece of 1.5&quot; angle iron that I use to open the cans and extract the marbles. It is also beneficial to have a pan of paint thinner or stripper to drop the marbles into upon their birth into air as it is awfully hard to remove the paint once it has dried. <br> <br>On a personal note. It always disturbed me that there were no other people who collected the marbles from spray paint cans. It is nice to see that there are at least a few people with the interest. <br> <br> <br> <br>
Just did this also. Smooth and quiet. I commute by skateboard so it's awesome for me, not sure how it bodes for tricks (I'm new to skating and don't do many tricks yet). Highly recommend trying it out though.
I just did a pair of high top canvas boots like this, and wonder how long it takes to dry. They're supposed to be waterproof, have felt liners, but figured this wouldn't hurt to try, since I haven't used them in a coiuple of years. <br>They're on the front porch in the sun, and hope it doesn't take more than a day or two.<br>Thanks for the idea.
How about a dimmer switch(like step 14) for the speed control?
Nice idea, but dimmer switches (the kind used for house lighting) only work with AC current at a minimum of about 100 V (though they don't care if its 50 Hz or 60 Hz). They're based on an electronic device called a Silicon Controlled Rectifier (SCR), which turns on when the voltage on the control gate reaches some designed-in minimum, and turn off when the voltage on the switched terminals hits zero. Wire up a couple in opposite polarity with a resistor/capacitor circuit to control how much of each half cycle actually gets passed, and you have a light dimmer -- I built one in a college electricity lab in about fifteen minutes, thirty years or so ago.<br><br>Unfortunately, it's much harder to build an electronic speed control for DC -- the simplest way is to use a whale of a variable resistor in circuit, but then you have to throw away the waste heat somewhere. The next simplest is to use a DC motor and AC generator (alternator, for instance), with a variac to control the voltage that then gets fed to a rectifier that powers you drive motor. The problem with this is that the motor and generator in the converter have to be about as big as the drive motor, or they burn up. What's actually used in most modern electric vehicles is a &quot;chopper&quot; control -- it's got a huge, well cooled transistor of one sort or another that's turned on and off very rapidly, and the ratio of &quot;on&quot; to &quot;off&quot; is varied to control the motor speed. Small ones are cheap and come on a single chip; big ones are expensive and can be complicated to wire up -- and a go cart like this one is getting into the &quot;large&quot; category.
Just the kinda thing I come here to see! Thanks
While this is great advice for turning AAs to Cs, Ds require more work as they are longer, I think.
yep. you're absolutely correct.
Okay, so my son needed some D batteries for a Hotwheels track thingy. Of course we had none. I got so excited when I remembered that someone pinned this blog. I found the pin on Pinterest and clicked to come to this blog. I them cut up the cardboard, all to no avail. AA batteries are the same height as Cs, but NOT Ds!!
LOL get a job so you can write all warning lables ?
Great use for a dimmer extension cord. Hadn't thought of this.
Fair warning - you may feel better that you haven't killed the mouse, but they will come back if you do anything less than take them down the street. And where there's one, there's more, so you're unfortunately probably not going to get rid of your problem. I don't like killing them either, but sometimes it's the only real way to get rid of them.
this just got featured on lifehacker. Hi guys!
This info is incorrect. mix gas does NOT spoil faster than non-mixed. In fact it might actually last a little longer. Either way ANY fuel intended to be ran in small engines should be less than 3 months old and of premium quality. Old mix fuel that isn't stale (really really foul smelling) can be diluted into a automotive fuel tank and will not hurt anything in your car
This reminds me of a pickup I saw in South Carolina, major rust, but it used to be a yellow truck. In the back of the cabin in the top was a message scratched into the paint: &quot;This is NOT an abandoned vehicle&quot;<br><br>LOL
I saw several of these stuck together back to back and used as the booths in a restaurant recently. Nifty.
The soap also makes the water &quot;wetter&quot; so it squeegees out more easily. Use this for all vinyl decal applications as well
I did that very thing earlier this year; my brother was amazed and I still don't understand why...
Tim are you from MN?
Dude, this is elementary in any junior sailing.
I agree totally, after buying Feibings products and using almost a fivers worth of dye just to do a hat, I tried inkjet printer ink, and it actually works better. I can buy it in 1 litre bottles for &pound;9.00 a litre or less, so it works out extremely cheap, (I use CISS systems for all my printers, and an Epson cartridge, instead of costing &pound;3 for pattern, or &pound;6 for original, now equates to 8-17p each!). As an artist I use Rowneys System 3 acrylics, and as these come in 500 ml bottles at about &pound;12, they work out very cheap. As for 'Resolene' finishes etc, I'll just go to my local Dixons painting and decorating supplies and buy acrylic semi-gloss glaze.
great idea! did this with a pickle jar and caught a mouse within 20 minutes!
Been doing this for years at events when we need to work a cash register or do a lot of writing (while standing). Definitely saves your back.
I had a friend who said his favorite &quot;riding leathers&quot; weren't leathers at all, but a pair of standard denim farmer overalls that had soaked for a couple of days in the oil pit at his neighborhood garage, and then hung on the line for a week to dry. He said they always looked dirty, but he never got wet and they'd stand up to road rash almost as good as leather. <br>Plus he got them too big so he could wear them over normal clothes, and they didn't damage his normal clothes (at least not enough that he cared about it).
i'm sure this is already written, but i'm not going to look,, it's gotta be a glass marble cuz if it was metal, it would rust and probably stick and not stir the paint..
tim,i was wondering the innertube is it a normal mountain/bmx innetrube or a racing bike?
Any tips on what to do with the 'remains'?
&nbsp;strange place to splice near the plug.
We silly americans prefer to buy stuff made in china made of nylon with lots of straps, plastic buckels and velcro, when a folded scarf would work?
i've just discovered that Warnings can be fun LOL
that is cool, is it too oily or does it look dry?<br />
It's kind of rubbery, it's not oily at all. The cloth rag has a very loose weave and it does leak when you try to use it as a bucket. Use a tighter weave if you want it fully waterproof. Water beads up on it and it does shed water very well.<br />
this is indeed a very handy trick<br />
i think the geese are over the fact that there ar quarter inch thick foam coyotes in the field... <br />
Apparently if you spray them with actual coyote urine they work even better.<br />
lol whenever i go camping i almost always urinate around the perimeter&nbsp; of our little campsites in small patches to keep raccoons and stuff out of our camp. it seems to always work thankfully!<br />
hey i put rollerblade wheels on my deck too. but i was wondering, is it easier to coast and push with rollerblade wheels or actual longboard wheels. because i know that since the rollerblade wheels are thinner it is better but i have seen people coast with longboard wheels even though they are really wide. why? and i am aware that they are usually going down hills lol.
actually its easier to pump the board with rollerblade wheels becuase they have less contact with the ground than longboard wheels. you get less traction as a result but you gain the ability to accelerate faster. But dont worry about skidding unless your a carver meaning you sway left and right as if you were snowboarding.

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