Step 17: Catch a Mouse With a Jar and a Nickel

Picture of Catch a Mouse With a Jar and a Nickel
Put a dab of peanutbutter in the bottom of a jar or drinking glass.
Turn the jar upside down and prop it up on a nickel.
A penny isn't big enough and the mouse will knock the glass over before getting under it.
A nickel is the right coin to use.
Do this somewhere mice can get to.

A mouse will crawl into the glass and knock it down while jumping at the peanut butter.
http://www.instructables.com/id/Trap-a-Mouse-with-a-Jar-and-a-Coin.-Then-Chase-it-/ I've caught many mice this way].
KeithB28 months ago

I was told to break a light bulb and grind the glass until it's fine granules. Mix it up in peanut butter and I guess you can figure out the rest.

gpeterson24 years ago
Fair warning - you may feel better that you haven't killed the mouse, but they will come back if you do anything less than take them down the street. And where there's one, there's more, so you're unfortunately probably not going to get rid of your problem. I don't like killing them either, but sometimes it's the only real way to get rid of them.
p. observer4 years ago
this just got featured on lifehacker. Hi guys!
great idea! did this with a pickle jar and caught a mouse within 20 minutes!
lepercan6 years ago
Put a piece of card under the glass as you are setting the trap and you can carry him/her anywhere you want.