Step 19: Inflate a Tubeless Tire That's off the Bead

Picture of Inflate a Tubeless Tire That's off the Bead
There are several tricks going on here.

I've jacked up the vehicle so the tire can assume its normal shape.

I've wrapped a rope around the tread and tightened it by twisting a crowbar through it. That compresses the tread and forces the sides of the tire out, making it wide enough to engage with the rim.

A ratcheting tiedown strap is good for that also, but I didn't have one handy.

It would also be good to smear thick soap all over the bead and rim like they do at a tire shop.

I'm blowing air under the lip of the tire with an airgun. You can get a lot more air into the tire in a hurry that way to make it jump onto the rim.
Hey bud try this it is faster and more fun

skunkbait7 years ago
You can also do this by spraying a combustible aerosol into the tire and then throwing a match at it. The resulting explosion will (usually) inflate and seal the tire to the rim, also cutting off oxygen to the flame and extinguishing it. But be warned, have water handy to put out the fire in the event that it fails to seal!