Step 34: Turn AA batteries into C cells and D cells

Picture of Turn AA batteries into C cells and D cells
An AA battery is the same height as a C cell or D cell.
Just wrap some cardboard around the AA battery so it's the right diameter. Here I use cardboard strips cut from milk cartons. I fasten them with tape or rubber bands.

New rechargeable AA batteries have plenty of power to run devices that used to require the bigger batteries.

I've seen commercial C and D cell batteries that are merely AA batteries with a plastic tube around them to bulk them up.

The green rechargeable on the right is a NIMH bulk cell removed from a laptop battery. It didn't have a nipple on the positive post. So I punched a disk from a penny and soldered it on the positive post.
Now it's the right height and works fine.

arpruss4 years ago
While this is great advice for turning AAs to Cs, Ds require more work as they are longer, I think.
yep. you're absolutely correct.
Okay, so my son needed some D batteries for a Hotwheels track thingy. Of course we had none. I got so excited when I remembered that someone pinned this blog. I found the pin on Pinterest and clicked to come to this blog. I them cut up the cardboard, all to no avail. AA batteries are the same height as Cs, but NOT Ds!!
Tekgno6 years ago
Just wondering if a film canister has the right dimensions to do the job?