Step 37: Pre Measure 2-Stroke Oil

Picture of Pre Measure 2-Stroke Oil

That bottle has the right amount of 2-stroke oil to mix with one gallon of gasoline.
Mix it in a gas can and shake it well, don't just pour it into your motor's tank.
Don't mix the gas until you need it.
The mixture starts spoiling and turning to varnish as soon as it's mixed.

Companies that sell gasoline preservatives claim it's measurably worse after just a few weeks.
It definitely gets nasty a lot quicker than it should.
Don't mix more than you'll use, and don't leave it in the motor, or next year your carburetor won't verb.
ruashiasim4 years ago
This info is incorrect. mix gas does NOT spoil faster than non-mixed. In fact it might actually last a little longer. Either way ANY fuel intended to be ran in small engines should be less than 3 months old and of premium quality. Old mix fuel that isn't stale (really really foul smelling) can be diluted into a automotive fuel tank and will not hurt anything in your car
You should also use high octane gasoline (98, 99). It will stay good lot longer than low octane gasoline (95). Also engines run colder has better torque and last longer.