Step 5: The Bends

Picture of The Bends
Now that our bird is well-dented, we need to make him 3D!

Start by grabbing a leg just below where it connects to the body, and bend it 90 degrees to one side. Bend the other foot in the opposite direction 90 degrees. We don't need to worry about the bird standing up right now, because once the wings are in place the weight and balance will change dramatically.

Next bend is the tail. The way I did it was to grip the tail with my hand and the the body of the bird, just before the tail, with pliers. Then I just twisted the tail 90 degrees. Try to disperse the twist evenly between the tail and the body, so that equal amounts of the twist are on each side. Try to twist it as tightly as possible, using the smallest amount of material from both sides. Once the tail is twisted, bend it upwards after the twist until it is sticking up at the angle you like.

The direction you twist is not important, but twist it so that the side you think looks better is facing up.